Based in beautiful Monument Colorado, NFP Technologies' & our professional team offer premium fundraising solutions and guidance to assist your organization to the road of success.

Experience - The original members of our company had served Nonprofits for over 10 years before joining forces in 1997. Our vision was to create a new type of consulting firm and service provider.  We now employ over twenty full-time staff members to meet the needs of our clients. Our senior technicians have serviced non-profits for as many as 20 years.

Research - Our first step was to analyze dozens of fundraising applications and accounting systems. Only a select few met our stringent requirements, so we became certified to install those products and train our clients how to use them. Today, NFP is a national services provider to over 1,000 non-for-profits from coast to coast. Our clients are diverse in size, complexity, and goals.

Accessible - You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find even our most technical staff to be “people-people” who really know the business. Whether you would like to improve your fundraising or accounting management, are seeking training for your existing software, or are curious as to how a reliable Web services provider could be of benefit to you, NFP Technologies provides a welcome option and expertise advice.

NFP Technologies is committed to the success of our non-profit clients by providing the most advanced and experienced fundraising professionals. We truly live by our mantra, "Consulting on a Higher Level".


For more information call (800) 403-3606 x110, or click here.