Training and Consulting Options

Our consultants have used the software they are teaching you in real world settings, when they worked for a non profit.  This experience allows them to show you the intracacies of the software that someone who hasn't actuallyused it would not know.

Virtual On Site Training - If you have a standard connection to the Internet, you can save hundreds of dollars by attending Virtual On-site training. The consultant will contact you at your office by phone on a scheduled day. You will then be directed to a location on our Web site, which is the gateway to our training system. In just moments, you will be connected to your consultant's actual computer, not a video, showing a working copy of the software to be learned. This utility will enable you to view the consultant's every keystroke while conversing with him or her by phone. At the flick of a switch, the instructor can enable you to type on the teaching computer from your keyboard. Like On-site training, Virtual On-site sessions can include customized or curriculum-style agendas complete with hands-on exercises and quizzes.

On Site Training - Having a consultant at your location can be the preferred method for learning a software application if your budget allows. This is especially true for groups of more than 3 people.Classes are either customized to specifically what you want your staff to learn or we have a general agenda to follow of our own as well, which is great for those who are new to the product. Each session includes hands-on exercises, quizzes, and handouts. Questions related to your organization's specific requirements are always encouraged.

Group Training - As a cost saving option, we offer group training. In this case, you would find others in your network that use the same software and have them share the expenses of an online or onsite training session. For group training, we follow a more standardized agenda that we've developed through previous on-site training seminars but customizations can be added if all attendees want to learn similar procedures.